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End the decade long reign of terror and take down Osama bin Laden in KUMA Games’ new free game, KUMA\WAR: Episode 107: The Death of Osama bin Laden. The last game episode in the KUMA War series let’s you recreate the mission that took down the world’s most wanted terrorist, Geronimo. Play as the fearless Navy Seals team in an attack\defend team style mission. Download the free, full version of The Death of Osama bin Laden now! www.kumawar.com orwww.kumagames.com

The girl married her Prince. The bad guy is dead. It’s a real Disney weekend here on Earth.

قمة حرب : نهاية الحرب  

.ردة فعل على وفاة اسامة بن لادن و مسار مستقبل جميع الشعوب
.فيديو قصيدة من قمة للالعاب ، شركة إنتاج ألعاب الفيديو المجانية على الإنترنت، بما في ذلك سلسلة قمة/ الحرب http://www.iamnotanearth.com

.”موسيقى من ألحان: أنا لست الأرض ، “المواطن


Sibak al Fursan featured in Arab MMO!
'War' is Over! 106 Missions Later, Gamers Take Down bin Laden in Final Episode of KUMA\WAR II

Bin Laden hideout accurately re-created in realistic 3D video game, video re-creations, available for free download Saturday

ABBOTTABAD, Pakistan, May 6, 2011 — With a skill created by years of practice, you and a group of Navy SEALs quickly enter the compound that houses the world’s most infamous terrorist.  Methodically working your way through the large compound, you clear the opposing forces, take out al Qaeda’s last defense, clear weapons caches, and gather critical intel. When the smoke clears, your ultimate target — Osama bin Laden, murderer of thousands of Americans and innocents around the globe, head of al Qaeda and enemy of the world lays dead.

KUMA Games returns to their classic First Person Shooter, KUMA\WAR II, for a final episode that allows gamers to recreate the mission that changed the world. On Saturday, May 7th, the 107th episode of KUMA\WAR II:  ”The Death of Osama bin Laden” will be available for free download at http://www.kumagames.com .

"Since 2003 we’ve chronicled military conflict in a changing world. The defeat of the Taliban, the capture of Saddam, IED & drone attacks, two Surges, elections, and Iraqi heroes defending their own representative government. We’ve brought all of these to life to millions of gamers in quick-release, high quality, game episodes," says Keith Halper, CEO of KUMA Games. "Using games, we’ve brought critical history to a generation raised on digital media. But KUMA\WAR II  was a story without an ending…until now. We had to go back for one more ‘ripped from the headlines re-creation.’ We had to end ‘The War.’"

On Monday afternoon, the team put down their mice on two new games in development (Race of the Horsemen and The Tiger Unit — both available in BETA in select markets), to create this final KUMA\WAR episode. Working overtime to reflect changing reports of operational details, the artists and coders rebuilt buildings, characters, weapons, and gameplay objectives until the user experience told the story of the SEALs’ mission as closely as news and game cycles allowed.

"We are sticking to our retelling of real-world events, and that means a lot of reading and research, as well as talking with sources so we can get it right, " explains Mike Thompson, Project Lead. "It’s not fun telling an artist to start a model over after an all-nighter because someone found a mysterious tail rotor, but that’s what we do to get the job done."

Episode #107: The Death of Osama bin Laden will be available for free download on Saturday at http://www.kumawar.com orhttp://www.kumagames.com.

KUMA\WAR 2: END OF WAR? (In English & Arabic versions)

Reflections on the death of Osama bin Laden and the path forward for all peoples. 

Video poem from KUMA Games, developers of the KUMA\WAR series of free online video games. 

Music by: I am not an Earth , “The Citizen”. http://www.iamnotanearth.com

Sibak Al Fursan

I, Predator: Cheetah V. Antelope User Commentary - Check out this hilarious video by one of our fans! 

Players Pounce on New Role in I, Predator the Video Game Beginning January 11th

I, Predator
 Viewers gain animal prowess in a virtual battle for survival as they stalk their prey through oceans and grasslands, and get ready to engage in the latest fusion of television and video game entertainment through the exclusive partnership of KUMA Games and Animal Planet.  On January 11th, Kuma will unveil another world’s first in their effort to push the future of gaming with its latest free multiplayer video game series, I,Predator, created in conjunction with Animal Planet. I,Predator is developed on the acclaimed Source game engine, and uses state-of-the-art computer generated imagery to enhance the intensity of the fight and add realism to the exciting challenges of strength and stealth. 

Each episode in the I,Predator series takes gamers into animal habitats around the world as they become the beast in the original, first person “BITER” game. Players will enter the game as either the predator or the prey, and will have to slyly outwit their enemies and exploit the predator’s weaknesses in order to advance. Players capture and evade through rounds of multiplayer action in an effort to become the game’s lone predator or strongest prey. 

The premiere game episode of I, Predator: “Great White Shark vs. Cape Fur Seal” will launch as the companion game for Animal Planet’s new series as the first simultaneous television and video game entertainment package. Viewers can watch the show’s premiere episode on January 11, at 8 PM (ET/PT), then play the game for free at http://animal.discovery.com/tv/i-predator/  orhttp://www.KumaGames.com. “Great White Shark vs. Cape Fur Seal” features the escapades of nature’s most notorious predator, the Great White shark as players enter the game with the attitude and aptitude of either the king of the sea or its challenger, the Cape Fur seal. as they battle it out for survival and bloody the waters in a supreme showdown of dominance. Animal Planet and video game fans can download “Great White Shark vs. Cape Fur Seal” for their own first person voyage through extreme battles for survival using their animal’s unique skill and shortcomings. 

I,Predator is Kuma’s first partnership with Animal Planet, and the television network’s first show inspired by and coupled with an episodic video game, proposed by KUMA Games’ CEO, Keith Halper.  

“Games allow us to be who we are not, to do what we cannot, to be in places and times we cannot go. And so while there’s a common picture of gamers as being isolated from the world, I, Predator demonstrates how games can connect us to a world that is beyond our immediate senses. Through entertainment and action, we can educate in novel and powerful ways ,” explains Keith Halper, CEO of KUMA Games. 

Fans can see and feel more real-world life or death situations featured on the television show in upcoming multiplayer game titles, including “Cheetah vs. Antelope” and “Lion vs. African Buffalo.”  In addition to the game titles, the six-part television series will highlight other epic animal battles including “Crocodile vs. Wildebeest, “Polar bear vs. Seal” and “Orca vs. Elephant Seal.”